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Jewel's New Children's Book Based on Song She Sang to Son in the Womb

Simon & SchusterJewel is a singer, songwriter and sometime actress but let's not forget she's also an author.  She's written a best-selling book of poetry and an autobiography, and this week, she publishes her second children's book, Sweet Dreams.

Like her first children's book, That's What I'd Do, Sweet Dreams was illustrated by Amy June Bates, and Jewel says she re-teamed with Bates because of her two-year-old son, Kase

"My son really loved her drawings when we were reading through the book, and I knew I wanted to partner with her again," she tells ABC News Radio. "I felt on this new book, Sweet Dreams, she just outdid herself. They're such magical beautiful drawings....this beautiful theme of following your child into sleep and swimming amongst the stars."

The text of Sweet Dreams is based on Jewel's song of the same name, which appears on her album Lullaby. A CD of Jewel singing the tune is included, and she says it's very special to her, and to her son. 

"This is the song I'd sing to him since he was very tiny, since he was in my tummy, and then when he was born, and I would dance around the room with him," she tells ABC News Radio. "So it was really a sentimental favorite. And it was just a love letter I wrote him. And I wanted to share that with other parents that might not be writers but they wanted to share the sentiment each night when they tucked their kids in."

Having Jewel for a mom, and being surrounded by all this music, does her son seem to have any special musical ability?  "I don't know if he'll have a particular talent, but it's been cute to see him write songs," she laughs. "I'm encouraging him to make up songs and see what's around him. And we'll take a hike and he'll sing, 'Trees, grass, bird poop!'"

To that end, the singer says that she doesn't have her own hits on an endless loop in Kase's bedroom either.  "I don't think I've ever played him my music that way," she says, adding that she prefers to create new music just for him.

"I write silly songs for him all the time and he loves them...we have a little arsenal of silly songs I've written, that he kind of knows by name like 'The Raccoon Song' or things like that," she laughs. 

Sweet Dreams is in stores now.  Jewel will release a new Christmas album in November, and in December, you'll see her as a judge on the a cappella singing competition show The Sing-Off, which is returning to NBC.

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