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Pink Says Husband's BFF Called Her a "B***h" for Writing "True Love" is known for speaking her mind, and that extends to her song lyrics.  But she admits that the sentiments expressed in her latest hit got a big thumbs-down from one particular person: her husband's BFF.

The song in question is "True Love," which is about Pink's husband, Carey Hart. "I've been in a relationship with this man for 10 years and I've figured out no one can push your buttons like your mother or your partner," she laughs.  That explains lyrics like, "At the same time, I wanna hug you/I wanna wrap my hands around your neck," and "You're the only love I've ever known/But I hate you, I really hate you."

"I have a tattoo on my wrist that says 'True Love' with Carey's name under it," Pink says of the song's inspiration. "And I think lyrically, it's really funny and really honest, and people think I'm nuts anyway so why not tell the truth?"

She adds, acknowledging that she and Carey have an unusual relationship, "It's my truth! It's not everybody's truth. It's my truth!"

Unfortunately, that truth was too much for Carey's buddy to bear.

"I played it to my husband's best friend," she admits. "And he's just like, "You are such a b***h!'"

This January, Pink and Carey will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary.

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