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Kelly Clarkson Plays Sexed-Up Version of Herself on "The Crazy Ones" Premiere Tonight

Credit: Jill Greenberg/RCA RecordsKelly Clarkson appears as herself on the premiere episode of CBS's The Crazy Ones Thursday night, but it doesn't mean she's got the acting bug.  In fact, Kelly turned the part down when producers first approached her.

She says, "I feel as though everyone's not aware that I'm just a singer.  There's no Bodyguard situation going on here.  Like, I'm not an actress, and I'm owning it."

The producers of The Crazy Ones wouldn't take no for an answer, though.  Since Kelly's New Year's resolution was to say yes to things she'd normally turn down, Kelly agreed to appear on the show, which centers around a high-powered ad agency.  Once she got to the set, Kelly learned she'd have to perform a sexed-up performance of a McDonald's jingle as part of the plot.  The dance moves they had her perform took Kelly way out of her comfort zone.

"I had to grind someone in a scene," Kelly says. "Like, just going down singing this song acting like a total stripper.  Like, I don't do that at my shows, and so, it's was not normal."

Even though she was terrified to get so racy on camera, Kelly ended up having a blast taping her part.  Sharing the screen with The Crazy Ones star Robin Williams was a big thrill for Kelly too, since he's one of her all-time favorite actors.

Kelly says of Robin, "He was very much a light in the room.  You can tell why he's had such a career, like, an amazing career, 'cause people want to work with people like that."

Catch Kelly Clarkson in the series premiere of The Crazy Ones Thursday night at 9 ET on CBS.

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