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Jason Derulo on Miley's VMA Performance: "I Could Never Watch Jordin Do That...I Felt Bad for Liam" Derulo has gotten up-close-and-personal with various models in his sexy music videos, and that's not a problem for his girlfriend, Jordin Sparks -- it's just business.  But he admits he'd be horrified if he saw Jordin frolic on stage with another artist the way Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke did at the MTV Video Music Awards.

"I was at the VMAs and I think it was even more full-on being there," Jason tells British paper The Daily Star.  "I could never watch Jordin do that with somebody else."  Speaking about Miley's now former fiance, Jason adds, "I felt bad for Liam [Hemsworth]."

Jason explains the difference between canoodling in a video and doing it on stage.

"It’s much different with a model than with another celebrity," he says. "For some reason it’s fine if it’s an actor, that was my take on it...Robin Thicke’s wife said she was fine with it, but to be rubbing on someone else’s crotch with a big old finger …that’s a little much."

The singer admits, "I’m the jealous type, and when I am, I’ll let you know.  Jordin is old-fashioned and she likes me being the man.  It keeps the relationship balanced if there’s mutual respect." 

Jason reveals that among his many tattoos is one on his right elbow that has a "more than" sign, and the word "yesterday."  Jordin has the same one, and he tells the paper, "It means ‘I’ll love you more than yesterday’ and we always strive to be more than yesterday.”

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