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Cher Reveals Secret Past: Good Samaritan, Plane Crash Survivor, Teacher

Warner Bros. RecordsCher's been a star since the 1960s and has lived most of her life in public, so at this point, you think we'd know all there is to know about the legendary artist.  But it turns out that there are quite a few unusual things in her past, which she's now revealed in an Us Weekly feature called "25 Things Don't Know About Me."

Among such little tidbits as the fact that she collects elephants, had imaginary friends when she was little and loves football and Wii tennis, Cher also drops a few bombshells.  For example, she says that she and Meryl Streep -- her co-star in Silkwood -- "saved a girl from a large mugger in New York City."  Another surprise?  "I once crashed in a small plane during a snowstorm," she reveals.

Among her other interesting revelations: She thinks David Letterman's in love with her, she once had lunch with Stephen Hawking, palm trees make her "deliriously happy" and she once "threw a dart at a map to decide where I would vacation."

In addition, Cher reveals that she makes beaded earrings for all her friends, she once drove a taxi through New York City at 4 a.m. and, surprisingly, she "loves to read and has taught several young people how to read."  One of her favorite books, she says, is God Against the Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism.

Perhaps most amusingly, Cher tells the magazine, "My mother still tells me what to do and I still don't listen."

You can read the entire list in the latest issue of Us Weekly magazine.

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