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Lady Gaga Goes to Oz on "GMA", Admits She Was "Insecure" While Recording "Born This Way" Lady Gaga has previously admitted to struggles with drug use and depression, the pop star also revealed that she was depressed while recording Born This Way.

"I was actually going through a hard time during Born This Way," the 27-year-old said on Monday's Good Morning America."I was kind of insecure."

"I became a star really quickly and I didn't have time to put really my feet in the ground and have a sense of myself through it all," Gaga explained.  "Because it's like a machine and you just keep going and there's TVs and pictures and lovely fans everywhere that I wanted to hug and sign autographs for. So there's was a lot of me putting things on to kind of hide that sadness and the record reflected that."

Gaga is now in a lighter space, even after undergoing surgery earlier this year to address a right hip injury and canceling 22 shows on her Born This Way Tour as a result.  And she says her new, happier outlook is reflected in her forthcoming album, ARTPOP.

"I'm feeling so positive and healed in a lot of ways. And I feel really overjoyed and full of love. And I'm obsessed with making things colorful and happy. And I think it's because I'm in a happy place," she gushed. "So when I'm in a happy place, the music is."

Lady Gaga performed her latest single, "Applause," on GMA as a tribute to The Wizard of Oz, starting off by singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" dressed as Dorothy, holding her dog Fozzie in a picnic basket. That thenmorphed into a full-blown production piece, complete with yellow brick road, fields of poppies, a green-skinned Wicked Witch, and dancers representing the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man. Gaga also appeared as Glinda the Good Witch -- wearing ruby slippers -- and then another version of Dorothy with a huge hair bow.

"All of these outfits and all of these wigs that I've been changing in over the years, this is my way of assimilating," she said of her get-up. "And this is my way of surviving."

ARTPOP is due out November 11.

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