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Sheryl Crow on Lance Armstrong and Online Trolls

Warner Music NashvilleGetting Sheryl Crow to open up about her past relationship with disgraced cycling champion Lance Armstrong is like pulling teeth, but in a new interview, she admits that looking back on her life, her time with him only amounted to "a nanosecond."

"Pretty much my life exists right this second, and my boys are the first thing I think of [in the morning], the last thing I think of at night," says the mother of two, speaking to the British paper The Telegraph. "And past relationships with famous people or not famous people, with good people, with bad people, with tortured, confused people -- every relationship has served a purpose in my life.”

"So talking about Lance,” she adds, "it was a nanosecond in the grand scheme. But it was a nanosecond that introduced me to some things about myself that I needed to look at. But his story is succinctly his story.”  She refuses to talk about his admission to illegal doping, but doesn't indicate his activities led to their breakup.  "There were other things that were much more problematic about the whole situation...We just had some very big, fundamental differences," she says.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sheryl talks about how she feels the Internet helps fuel unwarranted hate by trolls who feel they can say the most horrible things without fear of repercussion. 

She reveals, "I had a song come out...and somebody blogged that it sounded like someone being raped in an open field. It was so heinous. I sobbed. I never read that stuff, but I happened to catch that one thing. And I sobbed -- and it wasn’t even what he said. It was the hatred. And we’ve given everybody the opportunity to have an anonymous platform."

On the touring front, Sheryl will hit the road with Rascal Flatts in the coming months.

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