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Sheryl Crow Says the Last Time She Was "Really Happy" Was Touring with Michael Jackson

Kevin Mazur/WireImageBefore she became a Grammy-winning star, Sheryl Crow toiled as a backup singer, and famously toured with Michael Jackson during his Bad tour.  But even though she wasn't being recognized for her own music at that time, she looks back on it as the happiest moment of her life.

Posed a series of general questions about her life by the British paper The Daily Mail, Sheryl was asked, "When were you last really happy?"  Her answer: "Being Michael Jackson’s backing singer on his Bad tour from 1987 to 1989. I was in my mid-20s. I hadn’t released any records. I didn’t even own a passport when I landed the job."

So why was it so great?  She explains, "There I was, traveling the world with the biggest pop star on the planet. Walking out in front of full stadiums every night was exhilarating enough. To be performing alongside Jackson was something else altogether. Seeing him dance a few feet away from me was an other-worldly experience. It was the happiest of times"

What about her most embarrassing moment?  "For any singer, there’s nothing much more embarrassing than forgetting lyrics," she tells the paper. "That’s happened to me a whole bunch of times. The last occasion was at a gig in Florida in 2012. I was halfway through 'Soak Up the Sun,' one of my biggest hits, and my brain just emptied.  At least no one can accuse me of lip-syncing."

Finally, asked to reveal what her biggest fear is, Sheryl has an answer that's much more serious than most. "In 2006 I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. In 2011 I discovered I had a meningioma, a kind of brain tumor. Having come through those traumas, there is a fear I might have to go through more of that at some time."

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