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Stars Weigh In on Justin Bieber; Offer Criticism, Advice

ABC/Richard HarbaughJustin Bieber is reportedly in Panama, where he's either soaking up the sun, or surrounded by advisors who are staging an intervention.  Either way, his arrest for DUI last week in Miami still a major topic of conversation back in the U.S.  He was the subject of numerous jokes during Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment, and stars walking the red carpet at pre-Grammy events had some advice -- and some criticism -- for the seemingly-troubled singer.

"It's very sad, because when you get the gold ring and you don't know that you've gotten it, and you're so throwing it's tragic," Joan Rivers told ABC News Radio about the Bieb, adding that Justin's behavior is "Stupid. Stupid and tragic."  Her daughter Melissa, meanwhile, says that her advice to Justin is to "realize how lucky you are."

"I mean there's plenty [of young stars] that have gone off the deep end and there's plenty that have survived and done beautifully well," added Melissa. "You look for a contemporary with Bieber, look at Taylor Swift. She's amazing. Just because you're young, famous and rich, does not give you the right to pretend that there are no rules. There's still rules of society."

But super-producer David Foster, who's worked with Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Prince, Beyonce and Justin's idol Michael Jackson, says he's pulling for Justin to emerge unscathed from this latest scandal. 

"You know, I think that Justin's a lot that happened in a very quick time and, you know, some people can handle it and some people can't," he tells ABC News Radio. "I think he'll get through it. He's a Canadian boy, I'm Canadian, so I'm always rooting for the Canadians."

"There's always that thing where you don't want to be a teen star anymore, you don't want to be the Disney guy," Foster added, suggesting a reason for Justin's "bad-boy" behavior. "Christina [Aguilera] kind of went through it a little bit and some of the Disney stars went through it."  However, Foster reiterated, "I think he'll be fine, I really do."

Austin Mahone, who, like, Justin, was discovered on YouTube, tells ABC News Radio that he thinks he's got enough good people around him to keep him from ending up in a Bieber-like situation.  "I feel like I have a good team," he says. "My mom is with me all the time so, I mean, she's amazing, the best mom in the world  And my friends moved out to Miami with me, so I have a pretty good team."

R&B star Miguel, meanwhile, thinks Justin should just go back to doing what he does best.  "That's some personal stuff man," said the singer when asked about Justin's troubles. "We want more music. That's what we want."

But leave it to comedienne Kathy Griffin to come up with the perfect prescription for Justin's troubles.

"Move in with Aunt Kathy and let's just start over, shall we?" she tells ABC News Radio. "Let's just go ahead and get you out of that [prison] jumpsuit and into some nice comfy PJs and just spitball some ideas. Just take it back to the basics."

Meanwhile, Backstreet Boy AJ McLean tells People magazine that he plans to reach out to Justin to "see if we can have a sit-down, take him under my wing...and maybe see if he will actually hear me." 

He adds, "One of the first things I would say is...'Are you trying to prove something to yourself? Are you trying to prove something to the press and the media? Are you trying to flip everyone the bird and say, "I can do what I want!'"? Or are you trying to ask for help and you're not going about it the right way?' This could be a cry for help for all we know."

"Hopefully," adds AJ, "He'll want to sit down and we can have a little chat."

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