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New Kids on the Block Receive Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Tell Fans "You Are Our Family"

ABC NewsThey first formed thirty years ago, but the New Kids on the Block are still "Hangin' Tough" -- the group received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday afternoon, surrounded by their devoted fans, the Blockheads.

All five members of the group -- Jordan, Donnie, Danny, Joey and Jonathan -- were on hand for the ceremony, and so was Arsenio Hall, who told the crowd that new music is coming from the fivesome.  He also cracked, "“This is how big a Blockhead I am. Remember the 'Step by Step' video? I stole Danny’s leopard jacket and I still have it.”

Fans, some who came from as far away as Peru, Mexico and Austria and camped out overnight, cheered as Donnie Wahlberg thanked them for their years of support.

"Our Blockheads are the sixth New Kid," said an emotional Donnie. who paused twice during his speech to fight back tears.  "And you're more than fans. You are our friends.  You are our family."

He added, "We've been together for pretty much 30 years; we've been friends for longer.  We've been through the droughts of droughts, the highs of highs -- we've been through things that most people could never imagine.  We went from playing for...meals, in prisons and high schools and birthday parties and bar mitzvahs, to playing for the most amazing fans in the world, all over the world."

The singer and actor also gave props to the New Kids' kids.

"Our children have put up with so much sacrifice," he said.  "They've watched us leave home for months at a time, and miss out on some of the most important moments in their lives and they've made such incredible sacrifices for us, and we really owe them such a debt of gratitude and we're so thankful."

Donnie also told the crowd, cryptically, "We’ll be coming to see you real soon," apparently indicating that some sort of tour is in the works.

By the way, the New Kids' star is right near the star of their buddies the Backstreet Boys. It's outside an Army recruiting center and a Buffalo Wild Wings.

ABC News Radio