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Megadeth-Newsted Feud Rumors Are Untrue, Says Rep

Fran Strine

Megadeth did not have anything to do with having Jason Newsted removed from the lineup on Megadeth's upcoming Australian tour.  That's according to Megadeth tour manager Jim Carroccio, who tells ABC New Radio exclusively, "Dave Mustaine is not responsible for booting Newsted off [the Soundwaves festival]. Dave did not put him on the bill and did not take him off the bill."

Jason Newsted's band, Newsted, had been slated to play a supporting slot on two of Megadeth's shows in Australia when the show's promoter abruptly dropped Newsted, added Whitechapel, and issued a statement claiming that the switch-up was "At the request of Megadeth." That started a rumor storm that Dave Mustaine hadn't dropped his longstanding grudge against Metallica, from which he was fired in 1983 for drug use.

Megadeth's tour manager denies any bad blood between Megadeth and Newsted, telling ABC News Radio, "Dave [Mustaine] submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with and the promoter ignored the list. Dave and Jason are friends [and] this has blown up into something silly."

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