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Colbie Caillat Says It Was "Tough" to Get Her Celeb Pals to Go Makeup-Free For New Video

ABC/Todd WawrychukColbie Caillat's new song "Try" is about the pressure women feel to look perfect all the time, and the lyric video hammers home the point by featuring makeup-free selfies from Colbie herself, and her fans.  The video includes photos of some of her celebrity pals, too, but Colbie admits they weren't exactly thrilled about showing their "real" faces to the world.

"For most of them, it took them some days or weeks to send the picture," Colbie says of her pals in the video, who include Sheryl Crow, Sara Bareilles, Kelly Osbourne, Natasha Bedingfield, Miranda Lambert, Christina Perri, Hayden Panettiere, the women of NBC's Today show and Katharine McPhee.  "I know a lot of them were like, 'My skin's not doing great right now. Can I wait a couple of days until it's better?' Or, 'I'm still going to wear a little bit of makeup.'"

"I really wanted it to be completely bare and a lot of the girls in the video were bare," Colbie adds. "So having some with makeup, I wasn't the most excited about, but I get it. It's baby steps, whatever everyone can feel comfortable with. If it's less makeup than what they normally wear, it's a start."

"Honestly, it was tough," Colbie adds, referring to getting the pictures from the stars. But she admits she didn't find it easy to cough one up, either.

"I took a couple of pictures, and I'm like, 'OK, here we go. Flaws, blemishes, they're all going to show right now!' So I think everyone has to take a breather and just accept it and embrace it," she tells ABC News Radio. "But it's going to take a while."

Colbie says those who went completely without makeup -- stars and fans -- made the video "so much more impactful."  After all, "Try" makes a serious statement about an issue that every woman struggles with. 

"In this business especially, I've definitely got caught up in worrying too much about how I look," Colbie tells ABC News Radio. "You're on TV all the time and you want to look perfect and polished, and if you don't you're going to look bad compared to everyone else, and it's just this awful chain effect. So, I'm trying to break it but, I mean, it's still challenging. It's something I go through every day."

"Try" is from Colbie's new EP Gypsy Heart Side A, a collection of five songs that preview her forthcoming full-length album Gypsy Heart.  Explaining why she wanted to release just a handful of songs now, Colbie tells ABC News Radio, "I told people I was going to have music a long time ago, and I kept breaking my promise. And these songs were ready to go, and I couldn't wait anymore."

She adds, "I think for everyone to wake up in the morning and have a new album, I think it's actually more exciting!" 

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