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Smashing Pumpkins Studio Update -- "Nothin' Done" On Wednesday, Big Country on Thursday

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Billy Corgan apologized on Thursday for not posting a Smashing Pumpkins studio update on Wednesday -- he says he got "sh**-all nothin' done."

Why the Pumpkins singer feels compelled to share his lack of news is one mystery.  Another mystery is why he posted a video from '80s group Big Country, a live version of their most famous song, "In a Big Country."

The last music video Corgan posted was last week, a vintage clip from Motley Crue featuring the band in bright-red leather pants.  That, at least, made sense -- Crue drummer Tommy Lee has been helping Billy lay down tracks for the new Pumpkins album-in-the-making.  According to multiple other posts, Lee has also been doing quite a bit of damage to music equipment with his signature heavy-hitting style. 

In other recent posts, Smashing Pumpkins fans have been kept abreast of the status of vocal tracks, unearthed demos of a teenage Billy, guitar riffs, the value of hot tea and many, many other things. 

The Smashing Pumpkins are hoping to release a single later this year, and a full album called Monument to an Elegy in 2015.

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