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J-Lo Says New Album Is "Everything That I Was and Everything That I Am"; Will She Return to "American Idol?"

Joe Pugliese for BillboardJennifer Lopez releases her milestone 10th album, A.K.A., Tuesday, and she says that it pretty much sums up everything she's done in her previous nine albums.

"This album took so many twists and turns," she says in a new album trailer. "I thought, 'It's gonna be this type of album,' and then it took another turn."

"With this album, it was about encompassing everything that I was and everything that I am," she explains. "I've done dance music, I've done R&B hip-hop flavored tracks, pop...and I'm not gonna be put into a box. I feel all of these things organically."

"This is my 10th album and I want it to be special, and I want it to be a great moment," she adds. "I want it to be a new beginning...Every single song is so handpicked, for a certain reason or specific emotion."

As for the title, A.K.A., it stands for "Also Known As," which the singer says suits her to a tee.

"I've been known as Jennifer, Jenny from the block, J-Lo, Lola, all these different monikers," she explains.  "And A.K.A sums it up."

"I'm so excited for the fans who are so loyal to finally give it to them," J-Lo says. "They've been waiting for this album 10 for so long! And I'm just excited for them to hear it."

In other Jennifer news, Billboard reports that the singer wants to tour in 2015, which may conflict with any plans she might have to return to American Idol for season 14.  According to Billboard, the deadline to renew her contract with Idol that will come at the end of June.

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