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Bruce Springsteen on World Cup Biting Incident: "Biting Has No Place in Sports"

Photo: Danny ClinchWhile the World Cup has been captivating sports fans around the globe, Bruce Springsteen says he's only been following the soccer tournament "a little bit."  When TMZ bumped into the Boss on Tuesday, he apparently hadn't heard yet about the altercation that occurred the same day in which a Uruguayan player named Luis Suarez appeared to bite Italy's Giorgio Chiellini while the two competed for the ball late in a game that Uruguay ended up winning 1-0.

When the interviewer told Springsteen about the incident, and asked him for his opinion about biting in sports, Bruce responded by saying, "What are the rules about biting in the World Cup?" then added, "There probably should be one.  Biting has no place in sports."

The TMZ reporter then asked Springsteen if he thought that boxer Mike Tyson, who infamously chomped on Evander Holyfield's ear during a 1997 heavyweight title match, should be the last athlete to get away with biting an opponent, the Boss said with a laugh, "That was the last bite."

The interviewer also asked Bruce if, like fellow New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi, he would consider owning or creating a sports franchise.  "No," said Springsteen.  "Rock 'n' roll is hard enough."

The conversation also touched on some basketball news, as the TMZ reporter pointed out that the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony and the Miami Heat's LeBron James had both decided to try the free agent market and asked the Boss where he thought the two stars would end up.

"I'm a big fan of the Heat and [team president] Pat Riley," Bruce said.  "But I don't know enough about it to know where they're going."

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