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Lars Ulrich Says Some People Think Hard Rock Is "Inferior or Low-Class"

Ross Halfin

Metallica will headline the U.K.'s Glastonbury Festival later this week, in spite of a petition by protesters to have the band removed from the festival bill and general grumbling from those sitting on what drummer Lars Ulrich calls "precious indie thresholds."

In an interview with BBC 6, Ulrich dismisses the haters as those who "have short attention spans...they like things broken down into easy, digestible soundbites.  It's like, 'Here comes the big bad heavy metal band to our precious little festival.'  I don't think it's genuinely like that… but there obviously are people who snub their nose a little bit at hard rock, and look at hard rock as inferior or lower-class, and [think] that the people who listen to hard rock are less educated."

The petition to remove the band from Glastonbury had nothing to do with indie cred of course.  As previously reported, it was begun by animal-rights activists upset that Metallica frontman James Hetfield narrated The Hunt, the History Channel TV miniseries about a group of hunters who journey to Alaska in search of the Kodiak brown bear.  Hetfield himself has hunted bear, though he hasn't done so in years.

Metallica is booked to headline the festival on Saturday night.  Other late-nighters include Kasabian, The Black Keys and Arcade Fire.

ABC News Radio