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Phil Collins to Donate His Entire Collection of Alamo Memorabilia to the State of Texas

Atlantic RecordsIn 2012, Phil Collins told ABC News Radio that he was pondering what to do with his extensive collection of memorabilia relating to the Alamo -- the site of a pivotal battle during the Texas Revolution in the 1800s -- when he dies.  Well, he's now reached a decision: He's going to donate the whole thing -- worth tens of millions of dollars -- to the state of Texas, gratis.

Texas Monthly magazine reports that the deal was set up by Kaye Tucker, a manager at the Texas General Land Office, who had dinner with the Genesis singer/drummer Phil and asked him if he'd consider giving at least part of his collection to the Alamo.  "To my amazement, he just said, 'Yes,'" she tells the magazine.  The details of the donation have yet to be worked out, but it's no wonder the state is thrilled to get Collins' collection.  It includes hundreds of historical documents, as well as items that once belonged to Alamo heroes like Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, Jim Bowie and more. 

According to the magazine, the items will be displayed at a planned Alamo Visitors' Center.  This will no doubt make Phil happy, considering he told ABC News Radio, "I'd like the collection to stay together, and it to all be on a show."  The official announcement of the donation will take place on Thursday.

As for those who think it's weird that a British rock musician would be so interested in a battle fought in Texas in the 1800s, Collins traces his fascination with the Alamo back to watching the old Davy Crockett TV series as a kid.  As for spending all his rock star millions collecting Alamo memorabilia, he told ABC News Radio, "Instead of buying the Ferraris or racehorses or houses everywhere, like certain rock stars I can mention, um, this is what I do."

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