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Watch Metallica Soundcheck, Rehearse, Work Out Their Issues, Get Scared by Bee

BB Gun PressThere's a new video posted on Metallica's official website, featuring a bit of very cool behind-the-scenes footage.  The half-hour clip begins with the band's soundcheck from its recent date in Helsinki, Finland.  Next up is some work in the band's backstage tuning room, and here's where things get tense and scary, and a little funny.

The band rehearses a song and there's a moment where James Hetfield makes a maybe-joking, maybe-serious dig at Lars Ulrich about doing drum fills that are too long.  Lars looks irritated, but calmly suggests to James that if he turns sideways at that part of the song so that Lars can see his neck -- meaning the neck of the guitar -- that will enable Lars to play accordingly.  James jokingly sticks out his own neck and grins, and the moment of tension passes. 

Longtime Metallica fans who remember the band's work-it-out-in-therapy documentary Some Kind of Monster will appreciate the long years of struggle it's taken the band members to get to this laidback place with each other.  The tuning footage ends after an episode involving a wasp, bumblebee or yellowjacket -- no one seems to be sure which it is -- which is swatted, chased, captured and ultimately freed.

Last up on the video is some killer footage of "Enter Sandman" from the Helsinki show. 

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