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Afrojack Feels "Ten Feet Tall" Thanks to Debut Album, Sting Duet 

ABC/Fred LeeHe was featured on Pitbull and Ne-Yo's #1 smash "Give Me Everything," he co-wrote Beyonce's "Run the World" and he's collaborated with everyone from David Guetta and to Nick Cannon and Chris Brown.  Now Afrojack, one of the top deejays and producers in the world, is finally out with his debut album, Forget the World and a hit single, "Ten Feet Tall."  The Dutch deejay tells ABC News Radio, "It's an amazing feeling."

"It's sort of a statement for me, and all my fans that I've seen all over the road over the last couple of years," Afrojack told ABC News Radio about Forget the World. "I've been touring for the past five years around the world, doing like five, six thousand people shows, sometimes ten, twenty.  And, for me, now to show the world basically what we do on one album, it's an amazing feeling." 

Forget the World features collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees and even music legend Sting, who joined Afrojack Friday on ABC's Good Morning America as he became the first-ever EDM artist to perform on the show's Summer Concert Series.  So how did Afrojack, born Nick van de Wall, get Sting to sing on his album?  Even he couldn't believe the rock icon agreed to do it.

"The song was so amazing and different, that we said, like, 'Who could sing this?'" says Afrojack of the song, called "Catch Tomorrow."   "And then someone said, 'Sting.'  And I said, 'Yeah, sure, let me call him right now!  Also I just spoke to Obama on the phone and Oprah, and they also want to do a verse.' Like, it's Sting! You don't call Sting!" 

Luckily, Afrojack's friend Martin, a big-time music executive, knew Sting and played the track for him.  The former Police singer liked what he heard, and agreed to the collaboration.

"Sting always wants to do something new.  That's why I like working with him, because he likes new stuff.  Martin showed him some of my videos and some of my live stuff and the message behind my music and he loved it," Afrojack tells ABC News Radio.

Afrojack and Sting drew a crowd of 3,000 on Friday, turning New York City's Central Park into a huge party.  But the deejay says whether he's doing that, or a festival, or spinning at a mega-club in Vegas or Ibiza, the connection with his fans is the most important thing.

"I recently played for seventy thousand people.  I played Ibiza last year in a couple of clubs for two thousand people, but I also like doing a thing like Good Morning America, or something -- you're with two, three thousand people, and you get to talk in between, and you get to actually talk to your fans, so I also love that," he says. "So for me, it doesn't really matter, as long as we have a place where we can get together."

Afrojack also likes the fact that he can now include his own music, from his own album in his deejay sets.  In fact, his current hit "Ten Feet Tall" is becoming quite the floor filler. 

Asked to name the one song that's guaranteed to get a party going, Afrojack tells ABC News Radio, "Up 'til a couple of weeks ago, it was always "Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris, and now, I'm really happy to say, it's always 'Ten Feet Tall!'  Like, if I'm playing...and the party's going and I'll take it to the next level, [I put on] 'Ten Feet Tall,'  and they'll be like, 'Yaaaaay!!!'  So it's amazing." 

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