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Mick Jagger Pokes Fun at Himself and the Stones in Promo Video for Monty Python's London Performances

Eagle Rock EntertainmentMick Jagger stars in a hilarious new video that was used to introduce Monty Python at a news conference held Monday in London to promote the famed comedy troupe's run of 10 sold-out shows at the city's O2 Arena, which kicks off on Tuesday.

In the clip, the Rolling Stones singer is shown sharing a couch with drummer Charlie Watts in a hotel room as they watch a soccer match.  An assistant for the band then enters the room and mentions that Jagger had wanted to look over the set list for an upcoming concert, while the singer points out that a newspaper review of a previous gig had complained that the lighting had been too dark.  Mick proceeds to ask where The Stones' lighting director Patrick is, and the assistant informs him that he's in London to work on Monty Python's O2 shows.

Jagger then delivers a stream of critical comments about the troupe that comically echo complaints that have been leveled at the Rolling Stones in recent years.

"Monty Python?  Are they still going?" Mick asks, sounding surprised.  When his assistant informs Jagger that the comics have scheduled 10 performances, the singer responds by declaring, "Ten shows!  Wow, that's pretty amazing!" then adds that the events "must be pretty expensive."

Jagger continues his digs at the Python crew, saying, "I mean, who wants…to see that again.  It was really funny in the '60s."

After the assistant comments that the first Monty show sold out in just 40 seconds, Mick answers back, "Still, it's a bunch of wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth and make a load of money.  I mean the best one died years ago [referring to Graham Chapman].  Maybe back in the '70s it was fantastic, I mean it was the funniest thing [but] you've seen it all before…I mean they put it all up on YouTube."

His rant complete, Jagger finally gets around to the songs he wants the Rolling Stones to play at their next concert.  "Well, we'll start with something everyone knows like 'Let's Spend the Night Together' and then we can move onto 'Get Off of My Cloud' and then should hit 'Satisfaction,' I think then," he says, mentioning tunes that all date back well into the 1960s.

Lastly, the assistant suggests, "'Dead Parrot Sketch?'" which, of course, is one of Monty Python's most famous comedy routines.  Jagger answers, with a straight face, "Yeah, 'Dead Parrot Sketch.'"

The Monty Python Live (mostly) shows, which are the troupe's first live performances since 1980 and are expected to be their last ever, are scheduled through a July 20 event that will be broadcast live in movie theaters in more than 100 countries across the globe.  Meanwhile, the Rolling Stones' next concert is scheduled for Tuesday in Stockholm, Sweden.

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