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Steve Perry Says Stage Appearances Have Inspired Him, but No Journey Reunion on Tap

Lisa Walker for the Lincoln TheatreWhen Steve Perry returned to the stage late last month for the first time in nearly 20 years, sitting in with modern-rock band Eels, fans began wondering if a reunion with Journey could be in the works.  But, Perry says, fans shouldn't presume too much.

"People have been putting two and two together -- but this wasn't about a reunion with Journey," Perry tells the U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine.  "There is no reunion.  I was just having fun."

Perry had enough fun to join the Eels a second time, this past weekend, and he admits that getting onstage gave him a thrill.  "I hadn’t experienced that kind of emotion in quite a while," Perry says of hitting the stage to a cheering crowd.  "It was beyond exhilarating."

The singer says he had forgotten how much he had missed the experience, and adds that he was happy with his performance, but most of all he was happy just to have pulled it off.  "Well, I hadn't sung in 20 years -- I sounded more like Otis Redding than I did in Journey; and I love Otis, so that's not a bad thing," he says.  "But after 20 years, wherever you hit that golf ball is where it lands.  I just wanted to go out there and hit the ball.  I was pretty pleased with what I pulled off."

Although a reunion with Journey might not be in the offing, solo material from Perry could finally be on the horizon.  The singer says his guest appearances have ignited a bit of a fire in him, and confirms that he's been writing material for a possible solo album.  "It's very important for me," he says.  "I wrote a new song just last week."

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