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Danity Kane Wrap Reunion Tour, Ready to Finish Up Comeback Album

Robin Marchant/Getty ImagesIf you felt "Damaged" when Danity Kane disbanded, you're probably thrilled that the girl group -- who made music history when their first two albums debuted at #1 -- has finally gotten back together.  But the girls themselves -- the trio of Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex -- say they're just as thrilled at the warm response they've gotten from fans on their just-concluded No Filter reunion tour.

"It's really, I think, blown our minds because the fans have been wanting us to come back together and we got back together, but I don't think we really understood the love and the passion that they were going to be giving to us on stage every night," Aubrey tells ABC News Radio. "It's unbelievable."

"They make every hard day [easy]," she continues.  "We could be struggling so bad, and they walk in, run up to us in the meet-and-greets, crying, like hysterical, singing every song, [they] know all the choreography." 

"They give us a second wind every night we perform," adds Shannon. 

The only bump in the road in the reunion so far has been the departure of member Aundrea Fimbres, who announced on the first night of the tour that she was leaving the group to have a baby.  But there's no drama between Aundrea and the rest of the girls, who all agreed to carry on as a trio.

"This is an amicable split, where she's forever gonna be a DK girl," Dawn tells ABC News Radio of Aundrea. "It's just she's choosing a new path for herself...every woman has to come to that decision...job or family, and how do I do both? This is a strong thing to say we're gonna decide to go on with a whole new dynamic. That means we really love the name and we want to win."

While it's been a struggle for them to get back into the game as independent artists, without any help from their former mentor Diddy, Dawn feels the fans are rooting for them to succeed as well, because they literally watched them be created, on the 2005 edition of the reality show Making the Band.

"They identify with us in a whole 'nother level than a normal artist-fan relationship. They really feel like they know us, to the point of they know how we grew up, all the bad moments, the great moments and the far and few between," Dawn explains. "So it's beautiful.  I think they genuinely want us to win because it feels as if they're winning themselves."

If you missed the girls on this leg of the tour, don't worry -- there'll be more dates coming later this year, along with a reunion album.  So far, the group has officially released the R&B-leaning single "Lemonade," but they say the album will be much more eclectic than that.

"This is a great time for our group like us because, you know, Shannon, with her country roots, and a little bit of her rock edge, and Aubrey with her pop and rock, and me with my R&B, I think we're able to make an album that is not linear," Dawn explains. "Normally people try to make girl groups gravitate to one sound and one look, and I think we've never really been that girl group.  Ever."

Dawn, who had success as a member of Diddy-Dirty Money while Danity Kane was on hiatus, says she's put plans for her solo career on hold, because the reunion is so fulfilling for her artistically.

"The only reason why I ever started to do a solo project was because I wanted to be a part of something that was great and I wanted to change people's whole idea of what art was musically," she tells ABC News Radio. "Danity Kane is that."  

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