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Fred Schneider Turns 63, "Love Shack" Turns 25

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Fred Schneider celebrates a birthday today.  The B-52s frontman is turning 63, yet easily looks 10 years younger.  Being a longtime vegetarian might be part of the reason Schneider looks so spry -- he tells ABC News Radio that he turned veggie in "1972 or 3, [after] a friend of mine said, 'Do you like killing animals [for food]?" 

The singer says the positive effects were instantaneous.  "I turned vegetarian, ate a lot of candy [but] lost I don't know how many pounds.  I had a 27-inch waist."

Schneider is a longtime PETA spokesperson and has just released a video for the animal-rights organization.  It's called "Let Lobsters and Crabs 'Rock On'," and features some pretty grisly footage of how lobsters and other crustaceans suffer at the hands of the food industry. 

Another easily accessible video featuring Fred is the one for the B-52s' "Love Shack."  The tune celebrated its 25th anniversary last month and remains a summer classic, but Schneider tells ABC News Radio that when it as first released he "literally had to go to radio stations while the band did soundchecks and beg them to play 'Love Shack.'  They thought it was too weird."

After college and alternative radio started giving "Love Shack" a little traction, the rest of the world caught on, and the rest is 25 years' worth of history.

As previously reported, Schneider also just launched his own coffee brand, Fred Schneider's Monster Blend, which is described as "highly-caffeinated, scary smooth, dark and deep, yet deceptively sweet."  Its roasting company says "Fred has enlisted his monsters to roam the cosmos in search of the perfect beans to roast to a frighteningly intense flavor," and warns customers, "Don’t drink without your dancing shoes!"  The coffee can be purchased at

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