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Lorde Says Says She's the "Black Sheep" of Her MTV VMA Categories

Credit: James K. LoweWhen last year's MTV VMA Award nominations rolled around, Lorde's hit "Royals" was just starting to make its way up the charts, and was still several months away from becoming a nine-week #1 smash, so she didn't receive any nods.  This year, of course, she's one of the biggest stars on the planet, and has now received two VMA nominations: Best Female, and Best Rock, both for the "Royals" video.  But the New Zealand teen doesn't think she's got much chance of winning.

"Wowzer ... vma nominations!" Lorde tweeted, adding, "OMG i am the black sheep of both my categories hahahaha."  She then tweeted links to MTV so that fans could vote for her, "if you feel [like it]," adding, "This probably sounds faux casual but let's face it, i'm up against katy [perry] and bey[once].

Indeed, her competition for Best Female not only includes Katy and Beyonce, but also Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea

Lorde also commented on how surprised she was that the "Royals" video, which is pretty low-key, was even recognized at all.  "Whether we win or not, it blows me sideways that a video starring my friends, my train platform & my game arcade could even be up for a vma," she wrote.

Lorde's competition, Katy Perry, received two nominations are for the video for "Dark Horse," but not for her elaborate, Queen of the Jungle-themed clip for "Roar."  She doesn't seem to mind, though, tweeting, "I'm good with my 569,000,000+ views on Roar."

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