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Billy Corgan Loves Tommy Lee -- and the Feeling Is Mutual

Paul Elledge/MSO PR; 10th Street EntertainmentIf you're a fan of either Smashing Pumpkins or Motley Crue, you would've had to have been hiding under a rock to miss the recent news that Tommy Lee has been the guest drummer on the Pumpkins' new album.  Pumpkins mastermind Billy Corgan has posted numerous reports on the recording sessions, and to say his descriptions of Lee are enthusiastic would be a huge understatement.  Likewise, Lee's a fan of Corgan's.

Tommy tells ABC News Radio, "I've met Billy on several occasions, but...kind of out of the blue I got an email from his manager, who was like, 'Hey, Billy would like to talk to you about playing on the new Smashing Pumpkins record,' and I was like, 'That would be amazing, I would love that!'"

Lee says that after some emails, Corgan hopped on a plane from Chicago and brought the demos to him.  "Wow was I impressed!," says Lee.  "He played me nine songs [and I said], 'You have a hit record on your hands, dude, and yes, I want to be a part of this!'"

Tommy tells ABC News Radio that he and Billy were on the same wavelength from the beginning.  "I remember him jumping up and down in the studio after one of the drum takes [yelling], 'This is exactly what I want!  Oh my God!  Finally!'"  

The drummer says that although he's been jamming with other people for almost 40 years, Corgan's enthusiasm blew him away.  "I was like, 'Wow!'," says Tommy.  "It was just really cool to be appreciated that much.  I just haven't felt something like that.  It was really, really cool."

As much as Corgan sings Lee's praises, Lee returns the favor, telling ABC News Radio, "That guy is so smart and so talented, I've got nothing but massive respect for him and adoration, and when he goes and writes those wonderful things about me, it's like I get goosebumps.  I sometimes don't receive that sort of love or praise from my own band, you know?  It was really wonderful."

The new Smashing Pumpkins album is to be called Monument to an Elegy.  A single will be released later this year.

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