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Colbie Caillat's "Try" Inspired by Label's Request for Her to Be Poppier & Sexier

Courtesy: Republic RecordsColbie Caillat's song "Try" -- especially its video, where she and other women go makeup-free -- is getting a lot of attention for its powerful message about women not bowing to pressure to look or act a certain way.  But Colbie initially wrote the song after a major dispute with her record label about the direction of her music.

"I recorded an album, I was so proud of it.  It had a kind of, acoustic, happy -- more like my old stuff," she tells ABC News Radio.  "And they wanted that changed, and they wanted it to be more pop.  And what comes with pop is what all those pop artists do: the girls dress very sexy and revealing, and the videos are over-the-top.  And they were requesting that of me."

As you might expect, this didn't sit well with Colbie: she loved the music she'd created, and was furious that she was told it wasn't good enough.

"I was just so mad, because I made this beautiful album that I wrote with amazing people, and I was so proud of it," she recalls. "And to have it just be, like, washed away and wanting someone completely different -- that's not the artist that they signed, you know.  So, it was hard for me." 

That's why there's been such a long delay between her last record and her upcoming one, Gypsy Heart.  "I then had to go back in [to the studio] and be even mentally prepared to start writing again.  I was not up for it," she admits.

However, the whole unpleasant experience has a silver lining. Colbie now says that she's happy with the new batch of songs that she came up with, some of which you can hear on her new teaser EP, Gypsy Heart -- Side A.

"I will say, I am very glad that this happened, because I love the songs that came from it, and I love that I wrote 'Try' because of it," she tells ABC News Radio. "And even the up-tempo pop songs I did record that made the record, I absolutely love them.  So I will thank my label for inspiring that." 

There's no release date yet for the full Gypsy Heart album, but Colbie will kick off a headlining tour August 27 in Denver, CO.

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