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Billy Corgan Says Website Lets Him "Do Small Things and Big Things at the Same Time"

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As previously reported, The Smashing Pumpkins' 1998 album Adore is about to get the super-deluxe reissue treatment.  The new Super Deluxe release will be a six-CD/one-DVD box set featuring 107 tracks and will hit digital and bricks-and-mortar stores on September 23.

Adore is one of more than a dozen musical offerings from the Smashing Pumpkins website; frontman Billy Corgan seems to work tirelessly at compiling audio treats for fans, including Pumpkins reissues, solo efforts, signed items, colored vinyl and virtually every album incarnation imaginable.

Corgan tells ABC News Radio that he thinks he's "finally figured something out about where you can set the right expectation, for information, communication, a little bit of a personal touch and at the same time you can try to figure out how to sell some stuff that you're proud to sell, but at the same time you don't expect it to be on the charts."

Corgan says that although "there was a time where if you tried to do certain things you'd be sort of mocked for failing because you weren't selling out the stadium," he feels like now he's hit his stride.  "I come from DIY, so the idea that you couldn't do small things and big things at the same time was always antithetical to why I was a musician."

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