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Josh Groban Talks Working on "Dream" Album of Broadway & Movie Songs

Image Courtesy Olaf HeineJosh Groban's got what must be the busiest summer on record: in addition to hosting Rising Star, preparing for a run of East Coast concerts and shooting a role in an upcoming movie, he's also working on not one but two albums: a collection of original material, and a disc of his interpretations of songs from movies and musicals.  Of the two, he says the latter album marks the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

"I was a musical theater major in high school and college," he tells ABC News Radio. "And now, living in New York and being really involved with the theater community and the Broadway community which I love so much, it's been my dream to put my voice on those songs."

"I've done it every now and then, you know -- I've been part of different theater concerts and things like that, one-offs," he adds. "But I thought to myself...'It's about time that I record these songs the way I want to record them."

Narrowing down the vast universe of songs from musicals and movies is difficult, to be sure: Josh says he has to restrain himself from, for example, recording an entire album only of songs by noted composer Stephen Sondheim, whose work he loves.

"I can guarantee you that, that at some point in my life that album will be made," he says of the notion of a Groban Sings Sondheim disc.  "But you know, I think that as a first step into that world, and as kind of 'nice to meet you,' we have to make a nice mix.But it's a challenging mix because, of course, Sondheim has to be represented. He's one of my heroes." 

But, Josh says, he's shooting for a combination of popular and less well-known material.

"I want to give people stuff that they may not know they wanted, find a couple of obscure things that've been Off-Broadway, but have great songs," he explains.

As for that album of original material, Josh tells ABC News Radio it won't be out anytime soon. "You know, I think whenever there's an original music album in the works it just takes a minute," he says. "And so that stage and screen record would come out obviously sooner than the other one."

"Right now I'm just working with producers and working writers and just coming up with whatever I feel is next from the original music standpoint," he adds. "But surely it won't be more than about a year."  

These albums will be the follow-ups to Josh's 2013 disc All That Echoes.  You can see him this Sunday on ABC's Rising Star.

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