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Rod Stewart Is "Halfway" Finished with New Album, Gives Sam Smith His Stamp of Approval

Credit: Penny LancasterRod Stewart's most recent album, Time, marked the first album in years that featured any new original material written by the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.  Now, Rod's in the middle of writing a new album.  He says of his songwriting, "The flood gates have been reopened."

Speaking to an Australian entertainment news website, Rod says, "I’m actually halfway through a new album. I was very encouraged by the success of Time, it was a very long period where I wasn’t writing any songs."  He adds, "It’s encouraged me to take another step forward and come up with more songs and I’m finding it quite easy. The flood gates have been reopened."

Even so, Rod is reluctant to perform many new songs from Time in his live shows, because he knows that fans want to hear the hits. "It is a struggle," he says. "I’ve got a unique method. I’ll say ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to have to put you through the misery of a new song...just pretend you’re listening to 'Tonight’s the Night' and give it a big round of applause at the end!’"

"Usually they fall for that ploy and they do," he laughs. "It’s hard work selling new songs with the vast catalog I’ve got that people want to hear. They pay the money and they want to hear what they want to hear. It’s pointless being self-indulgent."

While he's performing his old classics, Rod also keeps an eye out for what's new.  As a British blue-eyed soul singer himself, he says he's a fan of a younger one: Sam Smith.  

"He’s brilliant. I absolutely love him," Rod says. "He’s really good, and for a big fella he’s a good dancer, too."

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