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Joe Jonas Recalls "Zoolander" Halloween Costume: "Ben Stiller Said I Killed It"

Gary Gershoff/WireImageIt's common for "regular" people to dress like celebrities for Halloween, but what about celebrities who dress like other celebrities?  That's what Joe Jonas did last year, and he says he's thrilled that the star he went as approved of his costume.

Last year, Joe, who recently launched his new musical project DNCE, dressed as Derek Zoolander, the male model character Ben Stiller played in the beloved 2001 comedy film of the same name.  "Ben Stiller recognized that I was dressed as him and gave me some love on Twitter," Joe explains. "And I saw him, for some reason four days later, after Halloween, and he was raving about the fact that I was dressed as him.  He said I killed it...I made him proud."  Joe laughs, "I thought he was gonna be p**** that I didn’t do him correctly."

"It was kind of hilarious ‘cause I was DJ'ing a party that night, Heidi Klum’s Halloween party," Joe adds. "So I was dressed as Zoolander and I had to stay in character the whole time. So I kept coming up to people and whispering in their ear, like, 'Why is there so many people at my party?'”

Joe's band mate, DNCE bass player Cole Whittle, says he's not a fan of Halloween, because his everyday clothing and hairstyle are so outrageous.  "I have a very hate/hate relationship with Halloween because I dress crazy every day of my life all day," he tells ABC Radio. "So when I leave the house on Halloween everyone asks me what I am and I say, 'I’m Cole.'” So my craziest Halloween costume was one time I dressed like a banker...that was the wildest one!"

Here are some more Halloween memories from the stars:

-- These days, you can buy a "sexy" version of just about every Halloween costume out there, from Sexy Donald Trump to Sexy Cecil the Lion.  But you'd be hard pressed to beat what Rachel Platten went as a couple years ago.  "I was slutty broccoli two years ago," Rachel tells ABC Radio.  She laughs, "I refuse to dress 'hot' for Halloween, ‘cause I always have to have makeup and hair and look cute for my job. So on Halloween, I either go gory or weird or funny. And my naughty broccoli costume was my favorite. I was just, like, a giant vegetable with fishnets!"

-- Charlie Puth says when it comes to Halloween, as a kid, he wasn't very creative: he wore the same costume several years running.  "I'm obsessed with pizza," the "See You Again" singer tells ABC Radio. "When I was growing up, I was always a pizza man for Halloween. You know, every year it was the same costume, but it was a different type of pizza." He laughs, "I was a cheeky seven-year-old, and eight-year-old, and nine-year-old, and 10-year-old!"

So what about this year?  "This year I might be a pizza guy," says Charlie, who's nominated for two American Music Awards. "I don’t even know if I’ll have time to be anything for Halloween this year. I’m, like, traveling the world; it’s amazing!"

-- American Authors went all out last year with their Halloween costumes: they were playing lead singer Zac Barnett's hometown of Minnesota on October 31. "We all dressed up as Batman villains, which was really cool," he tells ABC Radio. "And we, like, went for it. You know, we really got into it, and that was the most effort that I had ever put into a Halloween costume."

Zac says he wasn't the Joker, the Riddler or the Penguin, however. "I was Two-Face," he explains. "I think at the time, everyone was saying that I kind of looked the most like him. I had, like, the same haircut or whatever.  And I did the whole suit -- made it myself  -- and then I painted my face all crazy -- or my friend did at least. It was cool. It was a lot of fun."

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