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Enya Returns with First Album in 7 Years, Says of Her "Patient" Fans: "It's Incredible They Are Still There" 

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It's been a long time, even for her, but Enya is back.  The Irish singer returns Friday with Dark Sky Island, her first album of new material in seven years. She says for the first time, she decided to take a long break between albums because she'd sort of run out of ideas.

After releasing her 2005 album Amarantine and her 2008 holiday disc And Winter Came, Enya tells ABC Radio, "I thought, 'What next?' And I didn’t know. So that’s where I thought, it’s good to take a good long break, and important to the music for really good kind of evolve with the new music."

Finally, Enya and her two musical collaborators -- producer Nicky Ryan and his wife, lyricist Roma Ryan -- reconvened in 2012 to start on the material that became Dark Sky Island. It was partly inspired by Roma's work on a series of poetry books with an island theme.  The specific inspiration came from Sark, one of the Channel Islands.  It's the first so-called "Dark Sky" island in the world, which means that it attempts to preserve a natural night sky, free of artificial light.

"There’s only, like, 600 people that live there and they don’t have cars on the island. The only means to get there is by a boat," Enya tells ABC Radio. And I heard a few people who have seen the sky, that it’s unrecognizable...This is where it is fascinating: it’s so beautiful, and I hope to get there one day."

While Dark Sky Island isn't a concept album, Enya says there were some themes that seemed to emerge while she, Nicky and Roma were recording it.  "We sort of felt the word 'journey' was there," she explains. "It was there in [a] physical journey to the island, emotional journey." 

She adds, "So it was a word that kind of really sort of wove its way through every song, but I felt being diverse is still very inherent in the songs. There’s themes linking them but they’re still quite diverse songs." 

Unfortunately, hearing Enya sing these diverse songs live isn't guaranteed by any means. Amazingly, after more than two decades of being a global star, she's never toured, or even done an actual concert, apart from TV performances or special events.  So, is her going on the road a possibility this time around, with Dark Sky Island?  She says, "When I talk about it, I get very excited. So it’s so difficult to know. Will it happen? I don’t know."

Considering she doesn't tour, that she takes at least three years or more between albums, and that she stays out of the spotlight to the extent that nobody really knows much about her at all, Enya says she's amazed that her loyal fans are willing to wait as long as it takes for new music.

"They are so patient," she tells ABC Radio. "You know, any letters I receive, they all will say, 'We know you take a long time to put the albums together, and please continue, and we await the new album.' And it’s incredible that they are still there." 

 Here is the track listing for Dark Sky Island:

"The Humming"
"So I Could Find My Way"
"Even in the Shadows"
"The Forge of the Angels"
"Echoes in Rain"
"I Could Never Say Goodbye"
"Dark Sky Island"
"Sancta Maria"
"Astra et Luna"
"The Loxian Gates"
"Diamonds on the Water"

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