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Rachel Platten Recalls Hanukkah Gift Dilemma 

ABC/Fred LeeA good portion of the stars in the music world will be celebrating Christmas later this month, but a few are having their holiday this week, because they celebrate Hanukkah. Rachel Platten says it's hard for her to remember celebrating the Jewish holiday as a kid, but she does recall it was all about making sure her sister didn't get upset.

Hanukkah lasts for eight nights -- it's over on Sunday night, December 13 -- and in some families, kids receive gifts each night.  In others, kids just receive one major gift.  So which did Rachel do?  "I can’t remember," she laughs. "I haven’t done Hanukkah with my family in so long. I think we just did, like, one present a night. Maybe, like, one and then like a little thing on the side."

While pondering this question, Rachel suddenly recalled a Hanukkah memory.  "It was, like, one present," she tells ABC Radio.  "But then my sister would get a back-up of my present, in case she was jealous and wanted the same thing I had!"  

This year, Rachel's working through Hanukkah, making appearances at a variety of holiday concerts and special events, but she'll be all done next week, and will be able to take some time off to go on vacation with her family.  Her debut album, Wildfire, comes out January 1.

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