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Why Hozier Made His Mom Paint His Face Out of His Album Cover

Columbia RecordsHozier's self-titled debut album has risen high on the charts thanks to his Grammy-nominated hit "Take Me to Church."  But the Irish singer/songwriter says the cover of the album -- which shows him standing in a room with a landscape painted where his face should be -- would've been different...if he'd let his mom have her way.

Hozier's mom, Raine Hozier-Byrne, is an artist, and he used her paintings for the cover of his first two EPs, as he told BBC Radio 1.  "I'm not gifted visually, but she has these fantastic painting that I've always loved, and [I] asked if I could borrow them," he explained. "And so for the album, she painted a new one, with me in the center."

OK, but why isn't his face on the album cover?  "It was kind of in keeping with original series [of paintings]," explains Hozier.  "All the subjects had no faces.  And she wanted to...have me standing in the landscape. [But] I just wasn't into it. "

"Also...[a] debut album with your face on it? Oh, yeah, it's great," he says sarcastically. "Everyone's mad for it!"

The artwork hasn't seemed to hurt sales of the album, or Hozier's success.  He's up for Song of the Year at the Grammys this coming weekend, and on Friday, he kicks off a U.S. tour.

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