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Mark Ronson Says He & Bruno Mars Had to Take "Uptown Funk" "Out of the Trash" a Few Times 

Florent DechardSo far, the biggest hit of the year has been "Uptown Funk," the collaboration between Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.  But Mark says creating the song was such a struggle that they nearly gave up several times.

On this weekend's edition of CBS Sunday Morning, Mark tells Anthony Mason that when he, Bruno and their other collaborators initially got together to create "Uptown Funk," they got off to a great start.  "That first session we came out of with the first verse," Mark recalls. "And everyone's excited and listened to it 20 times in the car on the drive home and then calling each other: 'You still like it?'  It's like that kind of exciting feeling, you don't get that all the time when you work on music."

Then, every time we got back together, it's really hard to recreate that feeling, that magic of the initial buzz of when you're writing it and we could just never get it back.  We'd go in, we'd get a couple lines, and the song really would keep falling apart -- we had to take it, as Bruno said, 'take it out the trash' a few times."

Finally, Mark says, Bruno came up with the song's opening bass line, and the song "really gelled together."

Still, Mark says he did 60 different takes of the guitar parts, while Bruno recorded the drum parts in five different studios, 20 different times. "It was probably the most I've ever worked on a song," he says.  All the work paid off, though: the song topped the charts for a whopping 13 weeks and has sold more than ten million copies worldwide.

You can watch Mark's entire interview this Sunday CBS Sunday Morning anywhere between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. local time: check your listings.

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