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Richie Sambora Says He Has No Plans to Reunite with Bon Jovi but "Is Not Ruling It Out"

Credit: James Minchin IIILongtime Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora left the group in 2013, and is focusing on his solo career now, but many fans of the New Jersey rockers have been wondering whether he eventually would consider reuniting with them.  Sambora, who is recording a collaborative album with his current girlfriend, Australian guitar whiz Orianthi, that's expected to be released next year, tells ABC Radio that although he has "no plans right now" to work with Bon Jovi again, he could see reuniting with the band under the right circumstances.

"I'm not ruling it out, because I think I would do it a lot for the fans there, because they were so important to us," he explains.  "I wouldn't want to go out and do those long tours anymore, but…I love those guys, man, and I'm not shunning it whatsoever…Man, we had a run.  Thirty years is a run."

Sambora admits that the grind of the cycle of recording albums and heading out on lengthy tours was a big factor in his decision to exit Bon Jovi, but he says that wasn't the only reason.

"I just needed a change," he maintains.  "Plus, I wanted to sing again.  You know, I've been lead singer in all the bands I was in before this band, and I did a pretty good job.  So, I wanted to get back into that and see where I was going with that."

Richie says his years with Bon Jovi, not surprisingly, have made him quite wealthy, which is allowing him the opportunity to experiment with the new music he's making while not having to worry about answering to a record company.

Looking back at the pressure he experienced being in Bon Jovi, Sambora notes, "[When] we went to work we went to work.  And Jon and I were primary songwriters for that band, so I gotta be there from the beginning…So right after [the band finishes a tour,] you go into the studio.  So that's…three months there.  Maybe you got a month off, then you start the promotional tour and then, it's 16-and-a-half months on the road.  That was a normal tour for us.  There was some breaks, but not significant, you know."

He also points out that those long treks made it difficult for him to spend time with his daughter, although he made provisions to take private planes to attend important events with her whenever he could.

"As long as I was close enough to get back and forth…I set a specific fund to stay in touch with her," Richie explains. "So that worked out really well."

With his commitments to Bon Jovi behind him, Sambora says he's looking forward to introducing his new music projects, including his album with Orianthi to fans.  "Creating this brand and creating my own brand, it's very, very important to me right now," he declares.

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