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Matt Nathanson Celebrates Summer in NYC with "Gold in the Summertime" Video

Brendan Walter Matt Nathanson's out with the video for his current single, "Gold in the Summertime," which is set in New York City -- and Matt says he was thinking of the Big Apple when he was writing the sexy, 1970's soul-inspired tune.

"That was a New York City song, 100 percent," he tells ABC Radio. "There's this sort of feeling of being in the park, and like sweating, and like making out on an unmade bed in the afternoon, y'know, with the windows open and the light, everything turns kinda gold, it goes from the morning to the evening kinda thing, and fire escapes and rooftops...yeah, most of my amazing summer memories take place kinda in New York."  

The video focuses on a guy who makes money by painting himself gold from head to toe and posing as a statue in New York's Washington Square Park, scoring tips from tourists.  At the end of the day, he wanders through the city, leaving gold smudges wherever he goes -- on a subway pole, on the keys of an ATM machine, on the handles of a bike and more. 

When the guy uses an app to call a ride, the woman who responds puts newspaper down in the back seat of the car so the guy doesn't get it all covered with gold.  Finally, the guy gets home and has a romantic dinner on the roof with his girlfriend, who's also painted gold.

Matt himself is in the clip only briefly -- after the gold guy leaves the park, Matt takes his place and starts singing and playing for tips. 

"Gold in the Summertime" is the first single from Show Me Your Fangs, Matt's new album, which due October 2.   He'll kick off a tour September 28 in Boston.

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