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Why the Biggest Hit of LOCASH's Career Was Inspired by Garth Brooks

Webster PRAs "I Love This Life" climbs to number three on the country charts this week, it officially becomes the biggest hit of LOCASH's career so far. It was written by the duo, Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, plus "Buy Me a Boat" hitmaker Chris Janson and the songwriter behind Jason Aldean's hit "She's Country," Danny Myrick. But what most people don't realize is that it started out as a tune for another country superstar.

"We were writing it- - we heard Garth Brooks was actually cutting. This is no lie," Lucas reveals. "And we sat down with Janson and Danny Myrick. That's Chris Janson. And we just wanted to write an anthem for Garth and when we started writing it, it took a little bit to understand, you know, what was Garth wanting at that time."

Pretty soon, the foursome started envisioning an anthem that could become a giant singalong on tour.

"We were imagining the whole arena going crazy for Garth, and we're like, 'What would he be saying when he sings this song that has the whole arena going crazy?'" Preston asks. "And we came up with, you know, I love my boots, I love my hat, I love my girl, I love this life. This is it! Everybody get up, get your hands in the air! Chris Janson's drinking a lot of Mountain Dew, so he's stomping and putting a hole in the floor and going crazy...Chris and I are pretty energetic guys ourselves so Danny Myrick's kind of reeling it all together for us..." he recalls.

Now that "I Love This Life" has become a career changer for LOCASH, it's safe to say the guys are okay with the fact that Garth didn't ultimately cut their song. Though this is the duo's first top-five hit, the four guys are no strangers to songwriting success, having previously written Tim McGraw's hit "Truck Yeah."

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