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Thomas Rhett Rescues Dierks Bentley in the Grocery Store

ABC/Image Group LAThere are plenty of Music City residents who’ll tell you that even though Nashville is a big city, it’s a lot like living in a very large small town -- and at least this week, Dierks Bentley would certainly be one of them.

Tuesday evening, Dierks made a last minute run to the grocery store for the missing ingredient in his drink of choice, but he apparently forgot his wallet. Lucky for him, the person checking out next was happy to help.

“Hit Krogers for ginger beer. Forgot money!” he tweeted. “Luckily I knew the guy behind me in line.” The accompanying photo reveals it was Thomas Rhett, with what appears to be his wallet in his hand. “thx @ThomasRhett,” Dierks adds, with the hashtag #moonshinemule.

Dierks later clarified why he changed the chain’s name, saying “just so you know @kroger…. In the south, it’s KROGERS… with an 's.' why fight it?! #krogers.”

The grocery store giant couldn’t resist getting in on the fun, answering back, “We know that feeling, @DierksBentley, when you think, 'Gotta get me some of that… ginger beer,'” along with a photo of a woman pushing a cart with the caption “Free & Easy Down the Aisle I Go.”

Dierks hit number one with “Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)” in 2007. “Get Me Some of That” was a hit for Thomas Rhett in 2014.

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