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Ex-My Chemical Romance Guitarist Ray Toro Details Solo Album, "Remember the Laughter"

Gary Wolstenholme/RedfernsRay Toro, former lead guitarist of My Chemical Romance, has announced his debut solo album. Titled Remember the Laughter, the record will be released November 18. You can listen to the album's single "Take the World" now via

While "Take the World" certainly sounds different from MCR, Toro believes his solo material does share a few similarities with his old band.

"I think the parallel would be in the songwriting, hunting for interesting melodies that stick," Toro tells Alternative Press. "One of the key things in writing with [frontman] Gerard [Way] in My Chem was that we’d search for chord progressions that he could really do his best to."

"I brought that aspect to the stuff that I was working on," he adds.

The news of Toro's solo album arrives just days after his former MCR band mate Frank Iero was involved in a bus crash in Australia. In a statement posted to his Twitter, Toro writes that he was "horrified to hear what happened to Frank and his band mates," and that he "struggled with" whether he should make the album announcement so soon.

"I looked into delaying things by a week, but unfortunately couldn't due to iTunes and manufacturing timelines," Toro writes, adding, "Let's keep Frank and the boys in our hearts." Following the crash, Iero said that he was "in stable condition."

Here is the track list for Remember the Laughter:

"Isn't That Something"
"Walking in Circles"
"Wedding Day"
"We Save"
"The Great Beyond"
"Take the World"
"Father's Day"
"The Lucky Ones"
"Look at You Now"
"Hope for the World"
"Waiting Room"
"Remember the Laughter"

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