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Bruno Mars on His Encounters with "Super Cool" Adele, "Genius" Prince

Kai Z. FengBruno Mars will release his new album 24K Magic later this month, but you've actually been listening to a song he wrote for a year now.  We're talking about "All I Ask," a ballad on Adele's mega-selling album 25.  Bruno and Adele co-wrote the song, and he says his goal during that time was to prove to her how great he is.

“Really, I just wanted to impress her,” he tells the Australian paper The Herald Sun about their collaboration. “And she comes in with this massive voice, this incredible energy…that’s inspiring to me. She’s super cool and she’s just funny.”

In the same interview, Bruno also recalled an encounter with another artist who inspired him: Prince.

“Prince felt immortal to me. I thought for sure I’d be long gone before him -- I thought we all would. He was a genius. He altered my life,” gushes Bruno.  He said he met the late icon once, at an awards show in 2014, just after he'd done the Superbowl for the first time.

"Prince comes walking through the crowd. It was like the Red Sea parting -- all of these big celebrities tightening up because… it’s him! Then he turns and looks at me and gives me the thumbs up, and I just started screaming like an idiot."

Bruno laughs, “And then I was just hoping that there wasn’t some supermodel behind me that he was really talking to. But Prince looked at me and he gave me the thumbs up again and that was it. I was done.”

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