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Escape the Fate Shares Affecting "Breaking Me Down" Video

Jeff Hahne/Getty ImagesEscape the Fate has premiered the video for their song "Breaking Me Down." The affecting clip follows a son who watches his mother struggle with addiction. You can watch the "Breaking Me Down" video now on YouTube.

Describing the video to Alternative Press, frontman Craig Mabbitt says it's "not about someone's mother specifically, but we thought it would depict someone who's the closest to an individual (a parent and a child) and the child picking up all the slack and just can't hold his mother up anymore if she herself doesn't wanna fix it."

"Which is what the song is essentially about," he adds. "You can't help someone who refuses the help."

"Breaking Me Down" is a track from Escape the Fate's latest album, Hate Me. Later this week, the band will embark on a tour in support of Hate Me alongside Nonpoint.

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