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Carly Rae Jepsen Is "Having the Time of Her Life" as She Kicks off New Tour

ABC/John Fleenor Last year, Carly Rae Jepsen released her album EMOTION, which received across-the-board raves from nearly every critic and landed on many year-end "best" lists.  Now, she's ready to take those songs on the road, as she kicks off her Gimmie Love tour Friday night.  She says she's expecting a different kind of crowd to show up to her concerts this time around -- and she's thrilled about it.

Carly did a mini-tour last year to gauge audience reaction to her new material, and was surprised to see that her audience seems to have changed completely, thanks to the critical acclaim EMOTION received.  "It was a totally different audience than what I had with my last album Kiss, where it was kind of a lot of Bieber fans and younger girls which was great," she tells ABC Radio.  "[But it's] now turned into people [my] age who are just lovers of pop music, and adults, and it’s a new kind of show for us."

"I can say with complete honesty I’ve never had so much fun performing," Carly says of playing for a more mature crowd. "You can tell different stories, be a lot more authentic and, um, I’m just having the time of my life with it."

While her music is pop, Carly says don't expect the kind of over-the-top spectacle many female pop stars put on these days.  "We actually don’t put too much into production or any kind of crazy costuming or things like that," she tells ABC Radio. "Not to be a boring show, but to actually keep the focus where we want it to be on: great music, a great band and hopefully, an amazing lighting show that just makes you [get] lost and be able to focus on those things."

Don't expect the "Call Me Maybe" singer to be busting out any dance moves, either, though it's not like she'll be standing still.  "I, myself, don’t jump around with skill, but I jump around anyways because I can’t help it," she laughs. "And we want that to be sort of an infectious type of energy that the audience feels like they can come and dance and celebrate with us."

Carly's about as far from a diva as you can get, so as she hits the road with her band, her list of backstage demands are pretty simple.  "Forever, it’s been, like, chips, salsa, beers for the boys, wine for me," Carly says. "We try to keep it healthy with fruit plates -- nothing too extravagant."  But, she laughs, "If it’s gonna be towards the end of the tour, we’ll start to call in for some whiskey!"

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