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Anthrax "Still Has Something to Say" on "For All Kings" 

Credit: Jimmy HubbardAnthrax will release their new album, For All Kings, on Friday, February 26. The record is the 11th studio effort in the the thrash pioneers' three decade-long career, which has been fueled purely by a desire to write more music.

"We still love writing songs, it's in us," guitarist Scott Ian tells ABC Radio. "We have these ideas that we need to get out, and we really feel like we still have something to say, and I think the songs [on For All Kings] pretty much speak for themselves when it comes to that."

"We still have a lot of fire left inside of us," he adds.

Though Anthrax has gone through a fair number of lineup changes, Ian explains that the band's goal with writing songs has stayed constant over the last 35 years.

"Nobody cared about our band at all back then. Nobody gave a crap, except for us," says Ian. "So when we were writing our own material, it was because we were writing music that was making us bang our heads. We didn't hear what we were playing anywhere else, and we liked it. And that's the same way we do things now. We write songs because we don't hear what we're writing anywhere else."

Those songs on For All Kings include "Evil Twin," which is condemnation of radical extremism, and the single "Breathing Lightning."

"['Breathing Lightning' is] about committing to a decision in your life even if it means it's gonna be the hardest thing you've ever had to do, but that's just the way it is," Ian explains. "And 'breathing lightning,' I'm saying is basically committing to that, and 'get the hell out of my way, I'm breathing lightning, nothing's gonna stop me from accomplishing what I'm trying to accomplish.'"

While his goal has remained the same, Ian did find himself tinkering with different lyrical styles on For All Kings. He credits that inspiration to author David Mitchell, who wrote the novels Cloud Atlas and The Bone Clocks.

"Just structure of words and lyrics, I just tried to do things differently on this record than I had in the past," Ian tells ABC Radio. "So I would definitely say David Mitchell was an influence just on my...stylistically, let's say...I felt like I didn't have to rhyme everything. Maybe try something different, you know? Just, not the same as I would do it."

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