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"American Idol" Champ Kris Allen: La'Porsha Deserves to Win, but She's Too Good

Image credit: Ashtin PaigeIn a couple of weeks, the 15th and final American Idol will be crowned.  Going into Thursday night's show, there are five contestants remaining. Season Eight champ Kris Allen thinks that La'Porsha Renae is the real standout, but he thinks she may not win -- because she's just too good.

Kris points out that in the history of American Idol, most contestants who came straight of the gate sounding amazing didn't end up winning; instead, the singers who started out flawed and gradually got better ended up taking the crown.  Think of David Cook beating David Archuleta, for example.  Or Taylor Hicks beating Katharine McPhee, Nick Fradiani beating Clark Beckham or Kris himself beating Adam Lambert.  According to Kris, having that growth arc is what gets you the crown, and he feels La'Porsha doesn't have it.

"Man, is she good. I’m afraid for her though. When you’re that good at the start, I think people kind of expect for you to win," he tells ABC Radio. "I think she has the talent to win, um, and she has brought the performances so far...I dunno, it’s tough. It’s tough to win that competition when you don’t kind of do a stairstep, you know? When she’s starting out top, there will be someone that really catches her, and I don’t know who it is yet."

Kris will be there to witness that in person: he's going to be at the American Idol finale next month, along with many of the other winners.  So what will he do on the finale?  "I have no idea what I’m doing," he laughs. "Idol’s great. They’re very last minute, though, when it comes to things like this, but I do think I will be performing something. I dunno with who."

He jokes, "I’m sure it’ll probably be all of us white guys with guitars performing together around a campfire, singing 'Kumbaya' or something." 

Meanwhile, Kris has a brand-new album out called Letting You In, and a headline tour kicking off March 31 in Birmingham, Alabama.  He says there are still a lot of people who come out to see him who remember him from Idol.  How does he know?  "People still scream out, 'Sing ‘Heartless!’” he laughs, referring to the Kanye West cover that was one of his best Idol moments.  "You know,  I haven’t sang that song in six years. It’s been a long time."

Letting You In -- as the title suggests -- represents the first time Kris has really allowed himself to get very personal in his songs.

"That hasn’t always been easy for me, you know, starting from where I started," he notes. "Everyone knew everything about me [because of Idol] and I was like, 'Oh, maybe I should, keep them at a distance a bit.'"

"But I feel like just growing and maturing as a songwriter, I think the more that you let people in with the some weird way they become more personal to them as well," he adds. "So yeah, I think it was something that had to be done." 

Kris and his wife are also expecting a new baby in June.  The boy, or girl -- they don't know the sex -- will join their older son, Oliver, who'll be three in July.

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