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Hozier Finally Has Time to Work On Follow-Up to Acclaimed Debut

ABC/Fred LeeHozier's spent the last two years on the road, promoting his Grammy-nominated debut album.  Now, the Irish musician is finally turning his attention to his next album, and he says, "I have a fair idea of what the shape is gonna be."

"I’m working at the moment on the next album....and I’m excited about that," he tells ABC Radio. "And there’s no crazy know, the first love is making music, so it’s nice to have a bit of quieter time to work on new songs."

While Hozier has had time to write some songs on the road while touring the globe, he says the material he's working on right now is "mostly brand-new stuff." 

As he explains, "I’ve spent the last two years [on tour] and so you end up with a lot of ideas, but you don’t have time to finish those ideas. So a lot of it is stuff I’ve kinda gotta sift through and look at, but there’s too much stuff there to really have an idea of where it’s going."

"But," he adds, "I have a fair idea of what the shape is gonna be."

While turning his attention to the new stuff, the "Take Me to Church" singer is simultaneously promoting the final single from his acclaimed debut album.  It's called "Cherry Wine" and all the proceeds are going to charity; specifically, to fight domestic violence.

"The song, I suppose, was always about being in an abusive relationship, but we kinda decided, as the last release from this album, just to release it towards something positive and have all the proceeds go towards a good cause," he explains. "So there’s about 22 charities all over the world involved and wherever you are, wherever you download it, it will go to the charity of your nation. So here in America is goes towards the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence."  

Hozier performed the song earlier this month on The Late Late Show with James Corden.  No word on when we can expect a new album.

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