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Alessia Cara on "Wild Things": "It's Just Really an Empowering Song"

Image Group LA/ABCFollowing performances at both weekends of Coachella, Alessia Cara is gearing up for a summer full of more festival dates, as well as an opening spot on Coldplay's tour.  Meanwhile, "Wild Things," the follow-up to her smash "Here," is climbing the chart. Alessia says she feels that thematically, the song is a "continuation" of her debut hit, because, like "Here," it's designed to make misfits feel better about themselves.

"Wild Things" is pretty much a song about self acceptance. It's a big anthem, it's one of my favorites," she tells ABC Radio. "It's very big and very alternative sounding with big drums, and I wanted to make it an anthem for people who feel's kinda like a continuation to "Here."

Alessia says that while "Here" is about feeling uncomfortable and isolated in social situations -- something that many people face -- "Wild Things" is more about misfits banding together and creating a place where they can be free.

"The chorus says 'Find me where the Wild Things are,' [which means]  I'll be over here [with] all these people who don't fit in, or feel strange or [like there's] something different about them," Alessia explains. "I'll be over there where they are, and we can just accept ourselves  And it's just really an empowering song."

As you might be able to tell from the song's title, Alessia and her co-writers took inspiration from Where the Wild Things Are, the classic children's book by Maurice Sendak which was turned into a movie in 2009.

"We really wanted to use that, and it's definitely -- like, if you see like the book or the movie -- it's very much like, each 'Thing' represents an emotion and [the main character] kinda escapes into this world," Alessia tells ABC Radio. "And that's kinda what I wanted to do: y'know, people who don't fit in can make our own world and we can create this kind of fantasy place."

Alessia's tour dates with Coldplay start in July.  Before that, she's playing festivals in the U.S., U.K. and her native Canada.

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