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Hozier Says New Tarzan Movie Song "Better Love" Isn't About "Loincloths and Vine-Swinging"

Sony MusicAfter two solid years of touring, Hozier was just settling into his downtime when he got the call to contribute a song to the new movie The Legend of Tarzan.  Suprisingly, he agreed because, he admits, he's "a sucker for a challenge."

"I was literally mid-way through a week in L.A. [after my tour wrapped up]. I decided to stay for a week and just enjoy the sun and go for a swim and stuff like that and just chill out," Hozier tells ABC Radio. "And that’s when the call came through!"

"They reached out and showed me an early edit of the film...they were looking for a contemporary song to kind of finish off the score, I guess. And, it was like a four week deadline!"  OK, so why did Hozier even agree to do it, then?  Well, he did have second thoughts.

"At certain points I thought look, 'This is a nearly impossible task, it’s a nearly impossible deadline. But I think I’m a sucker for a challenge," he tells ABC Radio, "I’m always eager to make new music...and this was...just a real challenge to write in different circumstances and at the end of the day, I’m a songwriter, you know?"

The song, "Better Love," is out now, and the movie arrives July 1.  The movie picks up Tarzan's story years after he's left the jungle and has been living in England as Lord Greystoke with his wife Jane.  When they're forced to return to the Congo on a trade mission, they get caught up in a murderous plot of greed and revenge.  In other words, it's not your average Tarzan film, and neither, Hozier says, is the song.

"The song doesn’t exactly draw from loin cloths and vine-swinging so much," Hozier says.  "It’s a love song, but…I suppose it’s a love song that takes place in a fairly hostile environment, let’s say. And that’s, I suppose, what I drew from the film."

Meanwhile, the "Take Me to Church" singer says he's "eager" to get started on his next album, which he plans to approach the same way as his critically-acclaimed debut album.

"The way I did the first album...the way I wrote 'Church'...was just to trust my instincts with the music and let it kind of do what it does," he tells ABC Radio. " And so that’s why I wanna take the next few months, the next year, whatever -- I’m gonna take some quiet time and do exactly as I did the first time around." 

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