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Miley & Alicia: We'll "Leave the Bickering to the Boys"

Trae Patton/NBCThe new season of The Voice kicks off tonight with new coaches Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus joining veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.  Miley says she and Alicia will disprove the theory that women can't work together.  "We kinda leave the bickering to the boys," she says.

"We're like a little less [inclined] to pick on each other," Miley says. "It's stereotypical  [to think] women...bring the drama...we're both very mellow."

Miley also plans to show the boys some serious competition.

"With the contestants...if you're rock, you get put with Adam; if you're country, you go with Blake," she explains. "And I think with me, there's not necessarily that kind of genre wall." 

And Blake, watch out. Miley adds, "I think if you do country, 'cause of my background, you'd want to be on my team."  She also says she's going to steal contestants from Adam, "just to bug him."

Alicia says this season is "the old versus the fresh" -- with her and Miley being the fresh, of course.  She laughs, "Two female coaches...I mean, I don't know what ya'll been waiting for!"

Adam, for one, is psyched that Alicia's on the show. "She's kind of just like this magical person, and she's always so positive," he gushes.  He's also happy about Miley's presence. "She's kind of the youthful spirit that we've been missing, and she's outspoken and wonderful," he adds.

Amazingly, Adam and Blake aren't tired of the show, even after the years of bickering and the bromance.

"Blake and I still have a blast, and we kind of found this chemistry early on and we've been running with it ever since," says Adam. "And every single time we do this, it's always funny."

The Voice kicks off with blind auditions tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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