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The Killers' Next Christmas Single Could Be Their Last, Says Bassist 

ABC/Randy HolmesFor the past 10 years, The Killers have released an annual Christmas single to celebrate the holiday spirit and raise money for the (RED) campaign. The band will release their 11th Christmas single this year, but bassist Mark Stoermer says it might be the last one.

"It's supposed to be the last one, I think," Stoermer tells ABC Radio. "We're gonna release it as a packaged album, all the songs together, I think is the plan. And just like all the others, it will go 100 per cent to (RED) campaign."

"I don't know why we're ending on 11, I thought we could end on 10, but we're doing 11," he adds. "But it hasn't been recorded yet, so we'll see."

As for why the band might end the Christmas single tradition, Stoermer says it's a simple issue of logistics.

"It does take work, and planning and time," he tells ABC Radio. "It takes weeks to months of our time, and we sometimes have to switch gears in the studio, or we're on the road and we gotta go record the Christmas song. And we also have to think how we're gonna release it -- there's artwork, videos, all that. So it's work, and maybe 11 is enough for now."

In addition to prepping what could be their final Christmas single, The Killers are also currently working their fifth studio album.

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