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Heart's Nancy Wilson and Hew New Side Project Roadcase Royale "Get Loud" with Debut Song

Credit: Julie Bergman

The first song by Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson's new side project with former Prince collaborator Liv Warfield, Roadcase Royale, has debuted online at the band's just-launched official website and SoundCloud page. The tune, titled "Get Loud," is a melodic, mid-tempo rock track powered by Warfield's soulful vocals.

According to a press release, Roadcase Royale has recorded five original new songs and is planning to tour early this year. Wilson assures fans of Heart that the new group "is a side project, and not a replacement" for her longtime band.

Nancy reveals that she came up with the Roadcase Royale moniker during a backstage meeting she and her new band mates had last year.

"When I came up with the name…it was an interesting symbol to me since the big heavy duty road cases that our amps, drums and guitars travel in are much like the musicians they accompany on the road," she explains. "Strong and regal looking yet all scuffed up and dented, covered in funny stickers that tell the story of a crazy traveling circus."

As previously reported, Roadcase Royale also features three other Heart members -- drummer Ben Smith, bassist Dan Rothchild and keyboardist Chris Joyner -- as well as Warfield's music director and guitarist, Ryan Waters. Liv's resume includes a stint as a singer in Prince's band The New Power Generation.

You can check out the lyrics to "Get Loud" on Roadcase Royale's Facebook page. The band is planning to launch its full website on Wednesday, February 8, at midnight ET.

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